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Hi, I'm Max Pogue.

I'd love to help you understand how mortgage pricing works. I can simplify the home loan pricing process for you in under 10 minutes, enabling you to make an informed decision and choose the loan structure best suited for your individual scenario. Our transparent pricing model peels back the curtain and allows you to see where every dollar goes.
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I was born in Prescott, Arizona as the youngest in a family of three. My dad owned and operated a small moving company. I grew up watching my parents work hard, grow a business, and create deep family and community connections. This left a significant impression on me that translated into a mind for business and an entrepreneurial passion.

In 1998, my dad sold his moving company in Prescott and moved the family to his roots in Tri-Cities. He started another moving company here that I worked at from ages 12 to 23. Business is in my blood. I have been meeting clients since I was four years old and my idea of an introduction was to show my best Batman impersonation. I still do this, but usually, it’s not how I break the ice.

I am blessed to have an incredible family and church foundation to build my life and business on, a beautiful wife, and two children to share the journey with.

The best thing about my job is the culture here at Desert Canyon Mortgage. Every person on our team is a hardworking, passionate individual. This isn’t just a job to us – it’s a major part of our life that we love.

I get to use the culmination of all of my talents, knowledge, and continual learning to better serve our community. I have the satisfaction of bringing value to our clients, business partners, and the causes that we sponsor in a major way.

My dad, Russ Pogue.

He lived his life with an amazing amount of dedication, integrity, and compassion. He provided so much to his family, employees, and friends in ways that I am still learning about, years after his passing. Anyone who knew him can attest to his character and will have several unforgettable stories to match.

Integral parts of my personality and character are formed from a single sentence that he spoke to me a single time. That is the level of cutting communication and irreplaceable personality that he embodied.

I have always had the ability to listen well to those I have a conversation with. I have been able to make unlikely friends, just by giving them an honest ear. I also have a passion for individual stories. I am able to remember small details of a circumstance or situation that can be invaluable in the mortgage process. Finding the best mortgage to suit an individual can sometimes be similar to a puzzle. It’s only possible to create the full picture when you have access to all of the pieces!

My wife and I absolutely love to travel. Within the first two years of marriage, we traveled to nine countries together. We have two beautiful children that we have the privilege of raising.

I am a passionate missionary at heart with a love for less fortunate countries and people groups.

I love videography and graphic design: filming, editing, and motion graphics. The ability to produce video has been one of the best assets I’ve added to my business, and to partner businesses.

The thimble. I find having an impenetrable index finger has an uncanny way of striking fear into the hearts of your Monopoly foes. 

A Word From My Clients

"Desert Canyon Mortgage has been absolutely incredible. We worked specifically with Max Pogue during the whole process of our refi from start to finish. Max was exceptional! He took the time to understand our goals and he worked with us to provide the best option. We appreciate his integrity and work ethic and we couldn’t have been more pleased as we closed on time. "

Ryan & Natalie G.

"If you are looking for options when financing your home, Max is the only choice! His friendly and informative approach explained to me multiple options so we could decide what worked best for my family and I. Max and the staff at Desert Canyon Mortgage stayed in constant communication and didn’t flinch when I asked them to expedite the closing by one week and even offered/made a bank run for me for a missing document when I wasn’t available. Who does that???They truly work for the customer!

Max is the right choice and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for your home financing needs in Tri-Cities!"

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