Kaylee Nelson

Office Administrator
(509) 593-0882

A little bit about me.

All the way back in July of 1988 at the Kadlec Birthing Center, right here in Richland, I entered this world. Since then, I have spent my life pouring over books, scraping my knees and elbows while riding bikes and rollerblading, enjoying delicious food from local restaurants, and now raising five wonderful kids with my best friend who I was lucky enough to marry. I’m heavily involved in the community I live in and am a big fan of puns and dad jokes. I dance like a fool around my house, in my car, and if my kids are extra lucky, I will embarrass them with my fantastic dance moves in the local grocery store. Like many millennials I live on iced coffee and should drink more water. Snacks is one of my favorite words and I love random road trips. I re-entered the workforce after four years of being a stay-at-home parent and found a home here at Desert Canyon Mortgage. I am proud to be a part of this team and to work hard alongside some of the best people in this industry.

I’ve always loved to be outside so our family likes to go on bike rides, walks, play at the park, or just spend time in our backyard. Reading is a passion of mine and there is nothing better than a comfy spot on the couch, some coffee, and a good book. Being creative fills an essential part of who I am whether it’s a new design on our chalk wall in our home, crafting with kids and friends, decorating for the seasons and holidays, or designing marketing materials. While I can’t sing a tune or play an instrument, I have a deep love for music so if you’re riding with me in the car be prepared for less talking and more car karaoke! Of course, we cannot forget movies, we do family movie night often at home complete with candy and popcorn or you can find us at the local movie theater! Last but certainly not least is traveling. If we aren’t currently traveling, then you’ll find me deep into planning our next family vacation or moms’ trip with my girlfriends or dreaming of all the places around the world I’ll drag my obliging husband to when we retire. 


Family, Community, Friendship, and Honesty are the big four for me that I try to live by daily. I believe these are all interwoven together, and I try to honor each of these values through all aspects of my life. We work hard for our family and always prioritize each other and that starts with a great work/life balance. Raising children isn’t easy but it is our number one job, and we strive to do it well and with an abundance of love. Being involved in our community is something that brings me great joy, from volunteering on the PTO for our children’s school, attending local community events, and being a patron for local small businesses. My friends are like family so whether it’s a funny TikTok I’m sharing or getting away for Mom’s Weekend I always look forward to my time with my friends. Last but certainly not least is honesty, not only is it a personal core value but it’s something we live by at home with our two essential house rules of Love Each Other and No Lying. 


I love making new friends! Meeting new people, hearing their stories, seeing photos of their loved ones, and chatting about whatever’s going on in their life is something I truly enjoy. I’m certainly not a shy individual so meeting with clients, third parties such as insurance companies and realtors, and organizing events to bring people together is the stuff I thrive on. Being able to get to know the people that we serve during their homeownership journey and during one of the biggest moments of their lives is a blessing I do not take for granted. I am so thankful for each person we meet who chooses to share their story with us and allow us to be a small part of their dream.


The Tri-Cities is my hometown, and I am proud to live and raise our family here. I am obsessed with the incredible sunsets we get, and our local food scene is top notch, and how lucky are we to have three rivers to play on! In the summer you can find me on the river whether it’s on a tube floating the Yakima or paddleboarding the Columbia at Howard Amon Park. Speaking of parks, the Tri has so many to choose from, a few family favorites are Goethals Park in Richland, Lawrence Scott Park in Kennewick, or Chiawana Park in Pasco. There are far too many places and activities to choose from right here in my hometown such as live music, community events, antique shopping, and more. The Tri-Cities is such a great place to live and work and I’m so proud to call it my hometown.