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James Sands

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Hi, I'm James Sands.

Buying a home is often one of the biggest investments people make. Helping that process along and getting first time home buyers and experienced home buyers into a home in the best way possible is rewarding for me.
James Sands

Loan Officer
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The absolute best thing about my job is the ability to guide homebuyers through one of the most exciting times of their lives. It is one of the most important investments people make financially and knowing I’m offering the best rate and/or paying the most closing costs possible is extremely rewarding for me. I’m passionate about adding as much value to other people’s lives as possible and this is a huge reason I love this job as much as I do.

One of my heroes is Darren Hardy, he is a personal development author, success mentor, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur. After reading his book “The Compound Effect” I found the principals and ideas laid out to be extremely effective, inspiring, and applicable. Consistency really is key and I’ll always be thankful for his positive influence on my life through books and audio tapes. He has motivated me to make a positive impact in the lives of other’s just as he has done in mine.

After taking the Gallup Strengths Finder test I discovered my top 5. The skills the test came up with are “Strategic, Futuristic, Competition, Achiever, and Relator” the interesting thing about the results is I’ve found them to translate so well to Loan Origination.

There’s definitely a strategy to loan suitability, everyone is different and sometimes thinking outside the box can leave a borrower in a much better situation than a one size fits all approach. The futuristic component of Origination is action with the end goal in mind, no one ever complained about closing early!

I believe the competition and achiever skills translate to never quitting until the job is done, if there’s a will there’s a way and every problem has a solution. When it comes to relator that is what this is all about – You!

People are at the center of this industry, seeing future homebuyers go from anxiously wondering “can we really do this?” to “WE DID IT!” is an amazing thing.

I absolutely love cars, motorcycles, lifting weights, and snow skiing. One of my favorite things is getting outside and going camping with my girlfriend, Emilie.

I’m definitely going to grab the car! If I happen to be playing with my dad and he’s already taken it I suppose I’ll settle for the shoe because it reminds me of Hermes’ winged sandals.  

A Word From My Clients

"As an Account Executive for the #1 wholesale lender in the country I get to work with brokers all across the nation and I would highly recommend Desert Canyon to anyone looking to purchase or refinance. I have been working with Desert Canyon Mortgage for over 3 years. Year after year, they consistently close loans in 21 days or less! They continuously provide transparency and reliability throughout the entire loan process to their clients making closing loans with them simple and easy. I would recommend them to my own family members and I look forward to our continued partnership."


"Purchased my first home with Desert Canyon Mortgage and had an EXCELLENT experience. Their team, Lisa and James, were very friendly, professional, knowledgable and helpful. They helped me to quickly close my loan with an incredible interest rate, and they were ready to close more than two weeks AHEAD of schedule. Most important to me was that I feel that I could trust them and they had my best interest in mind. I absolutely would use them again and recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a home."

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