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Hi, I'm Frank Katon.

Not a lot of people hear mortgage loans and think, “fun!” but I do! I would love to show you that the whole process can be fun and exciting and relatively easy with me. I look forward to making new friends and family at the closing table!
Frank Katon

Loan Officer
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I was born in the small town of Walla Walla, WA. I acquired a taste for the finer things in life at a young age by a sip here and there through the wine valley of Washington. My mother always said, "Why dirty a new glass when the wine is already in one"! Tri-Cities is where I spent most of my years growing into the man I’ve become. After spending a couple years down in California, I realized how much I missed the tight-knit community and recognized how wonderful and beneficial the Tri-Cities is to plant and grow my roots with my beautiful lady. I’m excited to share this experience with her!

Number one is the feeling of the loan closing and seeing the look on the borrower’s faces as they take that next step to grow their own roots. But, there are so many things that I love about my work.

Being there to guide the borrowers through the whole process is amazing, including the support that I can give by being on their side of the boxing ring, metaphorically of course!

And lastly, every client of mine becomes a beautiful addition to my friends and family.

My mother, Terry, is hands down the strongest person I’ve ever met. She raised me and my two brothers all by herself while working three jobs. She somehow came out on top with her loving warm personality intact with three little monsters in the house.

I have taken notes from her life and child-rearing to build a strong work ethic and loving personality. I’ll never stop being grateful to her.

I’ve spent most of my life in restaurants (starting at the young age of 12), learning that every person I meet has their own story to share.

I’ve acquired empathy, humility, and the ability to have fun, which is sometimes hard to find in the world today but is especially important to remember when taking the big, incredible step toward home ownership!

I’m excited for my clients to see how these skills translate to the mortgage world!

I’m up for anything... well almost anything. I refuse to go sky diving. I can't understand it - why put yourself through that?! But, besides staying planted firmly on the ground you’ll find me spending the time with friends and family.

I love reading - my favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut. Postmodern is the good stuff! Last, but certainly, the best, is just hanging out with my beautiful girlfriend!

I snag the dog when I can. Nothing more loyal than "man’s best friend"!

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