Commercial Lending Officer

Dennis Pfendler


Hi, I'm Dennis Pfendler.

One of the biggest challenges facing developers and contractors today are project costs. I have spent the better part of fifteen years in banking, problem-solving, decision making and dealing with difficult financial situations “Successfully”!
Dennis Pfendler

Commercial Lending Officer
(360) 241-9801
NMLS# 1626640

How long have you been in the mortgage business?

I have been in the mortgage business over 15 years, in California, Colorado and Washington as a producer, manager and regulatory compliance officer.

What's the best thing about your job?

Sitting in on the closing and handing the client the key to their new home and witnessing the smile on their face, and pride in their achievement of the American Dream – Home Ownership.

Who is one of your heroes and why?

My father for what he was able to accomplish without a formal education, moved his family to California following his honorable discharge from the army to start his own business.

Awards and Recognition

Published in 2007 in the Vancouver Business Journal for product innovation, in developing a surety program for residential remodel contractors and homeowners to assure work performance and payment per the terms of a contract.

Unique Skills

Negotiation - effective verbal communication, speaking, listening, reduction of misunderstandings as a key element of effective rapport building, problem-solving, decision making assertiveness and dealing with difficult situations.

Activities of Interest

Extensive study and training in Okinawan karate, specifically the Okinawan system of Goju Ryu Karate. A Chinese system based on the eight precepts of Chinese Kempo. A self-defense based martial art form recognized in Okinawa as a national treasure.

What piece are you when you play Monopoly?

I am the car, ever mobile, reliable, dependable, and transparent. Within the game, as a player, the car represents moving energy, never remains in one place very long, adventurous, ready to see the world.

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